Volunteer Appreciation Week

What better time than Volunteer Week to recognize those friends, family and neighbours who improve our lives and help build an even better Bobcaygeon, again and again affirming we're “Three Little Islands, One Big Heart”?

Impact 32 volunteers work to enhance Bobcaygeon, to make it a vibrant, happy and desirable village. We play many roles, some of us are more visible than others. A lot of our volunteers work 'behind the scenes', so you probably don't know exactly who is back there and what they're doing.

Who are we?

  • These are the people who raise the funds to buy the hanging flower baskets in town, and to keep them watered and fertilized, and who come out to hang them for all to enjoy.

  • These are the people who work in freezing weather trying to make winter a little more cheery, who light the outdoor Christmas trees and arrange the tree lighting ceremony.

  • These are the people who organize Family FrostFest so we can all have a free fun day out in the snow – and the people who bake the cookies.

  • These are the people who create and put up posters and send out media releases to let you know about upcoming events.

  • These are the people who organize fundraisers for more docks so boaters can stop and stay awhile.

  • These are the people who originated and manage bike sharing to encourage visitors to see more of our village.

  • These are the people who take an old unused building and clean it up to open as a Welcome Centre, and spend their free time there helping tourists find our many local attractions..

  • These are the people who not only organize small business seminars and networking opportunities for our local entrepreneurs, but also freely offer to share their own social media and technical skills with Bobcaygeon businesses.

  • These are the people who create and maintain a website with free listings for every local business and information that encourages tourism as well as informing residents.

  • These are the people who run snow sculpture contests and children's colouring contests to drive community participation and satisfaction.

  • These are the people who apply for grants and funding to raise the money for projects that benefit Bobcaygeon.

  • These are the people who create a beautiful photo-op arch to celebrate Bobcaygeon memories.

  • These are the people who create the maps, both pocket size and large scale, so visitors are sure to find everything we have to offer.

  • These are the people who donate their business facilities to be used for planning sessions.

Most of all, these are the people who selflessly donate their time, that most precious of all our resources.

Thank you Impact 32 volunteers. You have a vision and you are willing to work toward it. You help make Bobcaygeon the village we love.

Beautification Team

Board 2.jpg

Anna Argente
Denise Benning Reid
Carol and Peter Eldridge
Liam Fagan
Michael Fagan
Jamie Henderson
Cheryl Henderson
Debra Kemp
Emalee Kemp
Ken Kidman
Kelli Lovell
Kathleen Seymour-Fagan
Christine Whelan

Bike Share & Wayfinding Team


Ann Adare
Lou Andrews
Rene Flynn
Beth Gilroy
Marieke Junkin
Bonnie Harris
Brian Peterkin
Carly Poole
Kathleen Shea Gehmair
Robin Uprichard


Marketing Team

Ann Adare
Lou Andrews
Cheryl Burgess
Nicole Campbell
Michele Dames
Bonnie Harris
Carol Kimmerly
Catherine Pentiricci
Carly Poole

Docking Team

Shirley Grills
Dave Kennedy
Chris, Amanda & Emma Pascoe
Brian Peterkin
Carly Poole
Jill Quast
Penny Waghorn

Stakeholders Team

Catherine Pentiricci
Carly Poole


Steering Team

Ann Adare
Michele Dames
Bonnie Harris
Jamie Henderson
Maureen Lytle
Catherine Pentiricci
Carly Poole
Kathleen Seymour-Fagan

We would also like to thank everyone who has generously participated in our Expert Auction by donating or bidding, and everyone who has contributed their time and talent when called upon for special projects. We couldn't do it without you.