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Picture this...

You're strolling down the main street of a pretty little cottage-country town, enjoying a summer day. Around you are friendly shops and you're catching occasional whiffs of delicious restaurant offerings. You stop here and there to get a closer look at store windows and to investigate a menu. Ahead you can see the locks where boats from far and wide are making their way through the Trent-Severn Waterway. Lots of houseboats today with their happy-go-lucky passengers. Maybe you'll walk over and sit on a bench to watch for awhile before a patio lunch. Now you've got it. Your city cares are far away and Bobcaygeon starts to hum its happy music in your mind.

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And Bobcaygeon isn't just any old cottage-country town. Its special ambience is backed up by a unique history. A major claim to fame was staked when the village became the site of the first lock in the now famous Trent-Severn Waterway. It was built right here, at the narrows between Sturgeon & Pigeon Lakes. Not only was the lock built in 1833, but Thomas Need opened a sawmill and gristmill the very same year. Business was good, and by the 1850's the village gladly accommodated Mossom Boyd's lumber business with more jobs and prosperity on the way. 

Around the turn of the century, the truly beautiful lakes, trees and landscape made this a beloved destination for tourists and cottagers escaping the sweltering cities to the south. Bobcaygeon folks turned out to welcome the first passenger train as it steamed into town in 1904.

You've found a shady bench by the locks and settled in to watch the world go by one boat at a time. What could be finer? When you want just about anything, it's not far away from where you sit. Resorts large and small, restaurants and shops, everything a cottager might want or dream of...

Maybe one day you'll find a way to live here year 'round. Once the leaves have fallen and the Daddy of 'Em All Bobcaygeon Fair is over, the village settles into an easy pace enjoyed by more and more people every year. There's a place for you here, whatever your life stage. Looking for a home near a school, luxury adult community, historic old house, handy apartment, or retirement home? They're all here and more. But life is only as quiet as you want it to be. The social scenery here is also attractive, with a large and diverse selection of activities, facilities, sports, entertainment and clubs to join. We welcome you to join us here in our little corner of paradise.

How to get to bobcaygeon


Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada
K0M 1A0

Directions from Toronto:
Take Highway 401 East
Continue onto ON-115 N/ON-35 N
Take the County Road 10 Exit towards Millbrook/Cavan/Peterborough
Continue on Peterborough County Rd 10
Turn left onto Peterborough County Rd 10(signs for County Road 10 N/Peterborough)
Continue onto Emily Park Rd/Kawartha Lakes County Rd 10
Turn left onto Peace Rd/Kawartha Lakes County Rd 14
Turn right onto Centreline Rd/Kawartha Lakes County Rd 10
Turn right onto Pigeon Lake Rd/Kawartha Lakes County Rd 17 (signs for County road 17)
Turn right onto Kawartha Lakes County Rd 36

Directions from Kingston:
Take Highway 401 West
Follow Highway 401 W to Northumberland County Rd 28 N in Port Hope.
Take exit 464 from Highway 401 W
Continue on Northumberland County Rd 28 N.
Take County Rd 28, Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7
Turn right onto Centreline Rd/Kawartha Lakes County Rd 10
Turn right onto Pigeon Lake Rd/Kawartha Lakes County Rd 17

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Impact 32 is a grass-roots effort to drive year-round economic development in Bobcaygeon, leveraging the town's natural resources, prime tourist location on the Trent Severn Waterway and significant business and community assets to grow across all economic sectors.

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