Look Who's on the Auction Block...!

This year's Expert Auction is going to be full of fun, full of excitement, and full of surprises. In fact ... it's going to be very full. We're overflowing with auction items and prizes donated by Bobcaygeon businesses to raise funds to build more docks. Today we're releasing just a few to show you what we mean.

2016 bigley.jpg

Let's talk about interactive experiences first. Here's one for all the beautiful ladies who will be attending the November 4th gala evening. Cosmopolitan Salon and Spa is on the auction block offering a dreamy new hair style, professional makeup application, and sparkly fresh manicure. Oh, (as if that's not enough for your Big Night Out this holiday season!) – one more little thing, we're throwing in a really really big box of Shiseido luxury products, all for you!

Not quite sure which yoga class is best for you? Bid on “Passport to Prana” and you'll soon be setting off on the right path. Six of our local expert yoga instructors will invite you to one free class each, so you can savour each experience and decide if one might be a perfect fit for you.

Sweet! Kawartha Honey's Bee Yard and Honey House tour will reveal the secret world of beekeeping. This is a once in a lifetime experience that true honey lovers will remember for a long, long time.

Did you hear that Town & Country Decorating is joining Good Pickins to offer a class for four people to learn to renew and restore furniture and go home with beautiful Cottage paint, varnish and special paint brush?

Let us not forget, Bigley's is back! Now here is a perfect gift any woman would truly appreciate (hint hint) – a personal shopper and gift certificate from the store we ladies have learned to love.

Do you know somebody who's a born comedian? This year they'll be LOLing when you give them the gift of laughter. Jennine Profeta & Dave Pearce present a 60 minute Happy Hour Improv Workshop (great for couples or a girls nite out). Learn the secrets of improvisational comedy the way they do it on Whose Line is it Anyway?

Or maybe you secretly want to be a morning radio host. Don't we all – but now you can! You just have to bid on this expert experience and presto! You're on the morning show with Country 105.

Moving right along, have we got prizes for you! The good merchants and businesses of Bobcaygeon have outshone themselves this year.

  • Peace of Earth has created a gorgeous hand-made pottery plate, bowl and cup just for you.

  • Garden Art by Sandy has created three pieces for the Impact 32 Expert Auction, a beautiful free-standing heron and two darling garden-variety birds. A blend of metal and rock give her quirky creations a rustic and natural look.

  • Jermyn Lumber is going to make sure you and your better half are cozy this winter in His & Her Heated Jackets.

  • Did we say “Leaf tickets”? We've got a pair of the very best and you might come home from the Expert Auction with them in your pocket thanks to Darling Insurance.

And if all that doesn't take the cake, how about Cake by the Lake baking five amazing cheesecakes just for you. Mmm, right, one for Christmas, and Easter, and Thanksgiving, and Canada Day and what the heck you deserve one more of those scrumptious beauties for your birthday.

Impact 32 has so many auction items and prizes, we can only talk about a few at a time. Stay tuned for more announcements next week. Meanwhile, you'd better get your tickets right now.

Tickets are available at My Favourite Things, Kawartha Coffee, Darling Insurance and LiveWell.

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