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Tying the Ribbon of Life – Big Island Shoreline Restoration | Volunteer Work Party

Two Dates: Thursday May 18& Thursday May 25
Tying the Ribbon of Life – Big Island Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline areas have sometimes been called the “Ribbon of Life” because so many species congregate on the area where land meets water.

Our Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island property on Pigeon Lake protects over 10 km of shoreline, helping to create a more diverse and healthy lake.

Help us restore the “Ribbon of Life”  by planting shrubs in areas around the island that are habitats for many species.

This stewardship day will involve paddling canoes to the work site and a guided walk to some special places on the island.

Thank you to The Land Canadian Adventures for providing canoes for these events!

Date: Thursday May 18th& Thursday May 25th

Time: 10 a.m. until mid afternoon

Location: Boyd Island on Pigeon lake. Accessible west of Buckhorn

Who: Stewardship volunteers, general public

Signup info: Email to sign up or call KLT office at 705-743-5599

What to bring: warm clothes, rubber boots & lunch

Max participants: 8