How to Use Bikeshare*

  1. Download Movatic app at

  2. Press the 'bike wheels' symbol to start.

  3. Review the waiver, press “Accept” at bottom of screen.

  4. Press “Rent a Bike at this Station”.

  5. The “Add Credit Card” screen appears. Press “Add Card” then add payment method, card number, and expiry date (Visa or Mastercard).

  6. The available bike numbers appear in blue circles. Stand close to the bike you want and press the number of the bike. Bike number is below the bike seat.

  7. “Connecting” appears (pulsating circle).

  8. App unlocks bike. You have 10 seconds to remove bike once LED lights are on and it beeps to show lock is open. Pull bike out firmly and quickly.

  9. If you're not able to remove bike within 10 seconds, press “Retry”. If there is still a problem, you may begin rental process again.

You must use the Movatic app when you return the bike to end charges.

*August 8, 2018 - Although most users have been able to use the bikes, we have identified three issues that may result in an unsuccessful rental attempt:

  1. If you are a repeat user from last year (2017), we ask that you please load the current version of the app to your phone as the app was upgraded over the winter.
  2. Some users have experienced troubles with the locking mechanisms on the bikes.  We are happy to report that new locking pins are on their way and will be installed as soon as received.
  3. If your phone is relying on Wi-Fi instead of a data plan, the problem could be a result of the issues that are being experienced with the free Wi-Fi at the Locks. Although we are not affiliated with the internet provider we have contacted them and advised that their Wi-Fi is experiencing ongoing problems.

Thank you for your patience while we work on replacing the locking mechanisms.

Bike Rental Returns

  1. Put bike back in the same docking station you started from and position bike with electronic receiver over the pin on the rack. You will hear it click as it locks in.

  2. Open the Movatic app and press the icon on the top right of your screen (a string winding between two circles) to show Current Rental.

  3. Press “End Rental”. “Rental Ended” appears, but you must continue to the next screen.

  4. The “Select Station” screen appears. Press “Continue”.

  5. “Rental Ended” appears and then the app home screen appears. Now charges have ended and you are finished.

Tips and Notes


  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Debit cards cannot be used.

  • Rates are $7.50 for first half hour, and $2.50 for each subsequent half hour.


  • Be sure kick stand is up in raised position before trying to remove a bike from stand.

  • Only two bicycles may be rented by one person.

  • Bike might need to be lifted slightly as you unlock it.

  • Bikes come with locks. Take the key with you when you leave the bike outside a store or restaurant, etc.

  • Helmets are available – ask at the Welcome Centre.

How to Report a Problem

In the Movatic app there is a “Report a Problem” icon for reporting issues with the rental bicycle process, or inability to unlock a bike, or to report bicycle maintenance issues. A local Impact 32 representative will work to resolve issues.

 You may also contact us by email at

Impact 32 volunteers are committed to ensuring you will never receive any wrong charges. Should you have any problem, return the bike to the docking station and report the problem by email. We will make any necessary changes to ensure that you are not charged incorrectly.  

Bikeshare Funding Provided by Regional Tourism Organization 8


Eastern Ontario Development Program